Do you plan on tailgating this season but have no clue what to make for food? Not all people are foodies and some can be very picky therefor you have to make sure you choose wisely. For example sushi! You might love the taste of a spicy tuna roll but not everyone else does. It also isn’t something you wouldn’t normally see at a tailgate. Having food like sushi could set off the fun environment by ruining peoples tailgating food experience. Top three factors when choosing the correct food for a tailgate is one, how messy the meal is, two, if it’s easy to make, and third, expense of the items you need. Here are some easy, yummy, and cheap recipes for a tailgate!

1. Buffalo Chicken Tortilla Pinwheels $$
If you love spicy, this is the way to go. The creaminess from the sour cream balances out the spice for everyone else who can’t handle the
heat! Plus no silverware is needed which makes an easier clean up!

2. Pizza Sliders $
Pizza sliders are an easy way out from making full pizzas and or buying pizzas for everyone. With a slider you can make tons of them and they’re small enough so people can save room for all of your other delicious treats. Another good thing about sliders is you could make many different kinds. For example, Italian sliders, buffalo chicken, chicken parm, ham and Swiss, pulled pork or even BLT sliders. Its always fun to have different ones therefore people have a variety to choose from.

Some Experience Needed
3. Homemade Pretzel Dogs $$
Normal hotdogs can get boring sometimes, so here is a fun was to switch it up! Everyone loves hotdogs and if you don’t then you’re missing out, but a hotdog wrapped in a pretzel is even better. For this recipe you can add cheese or even jalapenos to spice it up!

4. Queso Dip $
If there is one thing Americans love more than sports, its cheese! With a queso dip everyone would be satisfied. Dips are also great because you can munch on them all day! However, with a queso you would need to bring a crockpot in order to keep it warm and fresh all day. If you don’t have a source of electricity at your tailgate you could always bring a grill! There are many other cheesy dips you could make that don’t require a crock-pot. For instance there are salsas, bean dips, or spinach artichoke dips!

Some Experience Needed
5. Game day Brownies $$
To balance out all the salty goodness, you of course, need something sweet! Brownies are a great way to bring something sweet into your tailgate food plan. You can always garnish the brownie with a strawberry to balance out the chocolate. Even though these are football brownies you can switch up the decorations for any sporting event!

Remember for tailgating food you want to bring or make anything non messy, easy to eat, and lastly cheap! Don’t go out of your way and spend over your budget on food when you can find cheap yet delicious recipes here from Trailer Events!

Expense $ = cheap $$ = fairly cheap $$$= not cheap

• Easy to make = Amateur
• Fairly Easy = Some experience needed
• Hard to make = Professional

By: Samantha Hebert